13 June 2008

Gucci Snaffle-Bit Sensations

Whenever I hear the phrase light in the loafers, I can only assume the speaker is referring to my Gucci snaffle-bit loafers. These shoes are a true friend. I have been wearing Gucci loafers in one form or another since I was a very young man.

During my Sloane Ranger years in London, they were a mainstay of my weekend uniform. My chums and I wore them to pubs and clubs. Gucci snaffle-bit loafers, I think, have a certain brand distinction and jet-set reputation, but they are also renowned for being the footwear of choice for Eurotrash. Whatever the case, they certainly have their admirers. Several years ago I donned Gucci snaffle-bit loafers for a jaunt to the Upper East Side of Manhattan with a university friend to pick up a Raoul Millais painting for an art collector client. The sight of my shoes apparently so moved the owner, a fashionable Middle Eastern woman, that we negotiated a significantly lower price.

The classic Gucci snaffle-bit loafer features red-and-green webbing under the hardware, as the photo (above) illustrates. The Gucci loafers in my shoe portfolio are black suede with a lug sole. They are still going strong after almost ten years. Last night, I can report, I wore my Gucci loafers to a photo shoot in Laguna Beach. And this morning, I am still cleaning the sand out of them.


Reggie said...

Hullo LBT:
I have lost count of how many pairs I have, from the classics in black, brown, saddle, suede, etc. through driving shoes (so much better than Tod) and a couple of really pimp'd out ones broken out for special occasions only. Can't imagine life without 'em, and can't imagine ever owning a knock off. These are a staple of my wardrobe and right up there as my most favorite shoe. Long may they live!!

suzannemarques said...

these remind em of my favorite brit. his have certainly been worn for years and years, and everytime i see shiny new pair of gucci loafers it kind of makes me chuckle. they look better a bit busted up.

i don't feel the same about women's shoes. i hate when my shoes look beat up. you lucky men.

Easy and Elegant Life said...

You're in good company. I have a photo in a book (Flusser's?) of Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. wearing a pair. I'd love to order some, but have only dallied with the Cole Hahn knockoffs. The new Gucci loafer with the bamboo bit is, I think, quiet distinctive; especially as a summer shoe.