16 June 2008

Flemish Nationalist Style

A snaphot of Gerolf Annemans, an officer of the Vlaams Belang party in Belgium, wearing a bow tie, checked shirt, and navy blazer. Unlike Mr. Annemanns, I am not partial to bow ties; indeed I have been specifically requested not to wear one. Exhibiting a bow tie, one could argue, can be construed as a controversial, even radical, act in today's sartorial environment. However, it is images such as this one that cause me to reconsider.


Richard said...

Great photo, and I love the red check shirt. Go ahead and buy you a bow tie, and try it on the weekend. If you don't like it, never wear it again.

Anonymous said...

It seems to suit him well. I think that the older one gets the better the bow tie looks.

Danish chap said...


This is a picture of the faroese conservative politician Oli Breckmann, who used to be a member of the danish parliament, he's also wearing a bowtie all the time, and I think he has an admirable personal stile through that. It helps his image as a politician who doesn't get away in the wallpaper (don't know if thats correct english, it's a danish expretion).