05 June 2008

A Thing For Pink

Pink is my signature colour. If you consult my family and associates, you will discover I am known for my pink shirts. Brooks Brothers OCBDs, to be exact. I own three in the non-non-iron, slim fit style. In certain circles, these shirts are a veritable icon. For me, they are like a second skin.

Pink has long featured in my portfolio. As a young man I wore pink OCBDs and polo shirts from Lacoste and Polo until they fell apart. In fact, I still do. In the banking world of London and New York, I often wore pink dress shirts, usually with a spread collar and double cuffs, as did many of my colleagues.

I find pink striking and conservative at the same time. It complements my blue eyes and skin tone, especially in the summer when I develop a dark tan. My shirts generally receive a positive reception, particularly from women who seem to appreciate pink the most. The women in my life, I have found, actively encourage me to wear pastel colours such as pink, and to grow my hair long. For some men, however, pink is a controversial choice, especially on the West Coast where dark, somber tones such as black and grey predominate in business settings. I occasionally receive curious glances from them when I wear my pink shirts. But, outright hostility is rare. Recently, while queuing for a cup of tea at a local tea shop, I was bemused to overhear a confused little girl ask her mother why a boy was wearing a pink shirt.

In my closet, pink is not limited to just shirts. I occasionally don a well-worn pair of pink twill shorts from Vineyard Vines. And should you rummage round my wardrobe, you will uncover a pair of pink cashmere socks from Paul Stuart. In addition, I will admit, I also have two pairs of pink boxer shorts, whose colour is a result of a laundry mishap.

I wear the pink if not with pride, then with an insouciance borne of experience and trial.


suzannemarques said...

Tickled! I love when my husband wears pink. I agree, it does show off a great tan.

A male friend of ours was wearing a pink shirt at lunch the other day. Another friend's 6-year-old daughter giggled, "You're wearing a pink shirt!"

He said matter-of-factly, "I love my pink shirt." We all commented on how great it looked on him. She agreed. :)

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a pink shirt by the venerable Thomas Pink would be a worthy addition to your OCBD collection. I purchase several whenever I visit Jermyn Street in London.

John said...

Excellent post, LBT. I own a pink gingham from Paul Stuart, a solid pink from Ralph Lauren and a pink stripe which I had made from Joe Hemrajani. I like to wear navy ties with them. I also own a pair of pink socks from Turnbull & Asser which I wear with pearl gray trousers from Ralph Lauren and rust suede loafers from Crockett & Jones.

One pink item I refuse to wear, however, is a pink tie. I will make an exception if it is a navy tie with pink dots but that is as far as I usually go. Actually the pink socks are a bit excessive too, but for some reason I feel stylish in them.

Anonymous said...

Illegitimate Non Carborundum.

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Brooks Brothers Pink OCBD's are iconic and my absolute favourites. Nobody else's have managed to come close to the perfection of the hue.

It used to be that women were forbidden to wear pink as it was a colour derived from red -- itself the colour of Mars, the God of War.

Cry Havoc, LBT, and let slip the pink OCBD of business. I'm with you.

Anonymous said...

I like that pink bar stripe on navy tie. I'll need to keep my eye open for that one.

One day I'll go for a pink sweater. I may do the salmonesque shetland this winter, but I don't know if that counts for pink. It's a start.

aviewaskew said...

pink is perfect, i especially love a pink tie on a man... husband refuses to wear such, even with pink everywhere this spring..but my friend knows better, and wears the brightest pink tie...and he is the perfect brooks brother cco

Anonymous said...

The pink bar stripe tie is from BB. I have it, as well as a BB pink OCBD and pink polos that I wear all of the time. Like the blog -- especially your interesting writing about your travels.

Harry said...

Great choice..! Pink is perfect. I love your pink shirt.