29 June 2008

¡Viva España!

Congratulations to the Spanish team for the Euro 2008 Championship.


Gabriela said...

Aix-Uix-Ucs. Laguna.
(This means I'm not very pleased with what I just saw.)

I assume you know who this men on the poster are, don't you? And that you are just being kind of humorous with it, right?

Ja. Ja. Ja. Soooo funny!

Anonymous said...

Why is franco on the picture??? this could hurt people!!

Pablo Rodríguez y Giménez de Tesada said...

Arriba España!
This is a kind of Spanish patriotism, but certainly, I prefer H.M. The king Juan Carlos I...
(At least he wasn´t a dictator...)
Congratulations for the marvellous work of his blog!

Laguna Beach Trad said...

Gracias por los comentarios buenos. Apoyaría también al rey, que es apropiado para uno quién vive en un territorio del imperio anterior de España.

Radio Catro said...

No comment about Franco and his gang. Football was great but I missed some words of yours about Wimbledon. Great blog, by the way.