27 June 2008

Madras Friday

On these gloomy mornings, when a spot of colour is required, I turn to madras. Pride of place in my portfolio belongs to a pair of Berle flat-front shorts. Easily the most comfortable shorts I own. The rare candid photograph (above) depicts the madras shorts, a pink Brooks Brothers slim-fit OCBD, and a battered pair of Sperry Topsiders. I don't know about you, but I typically do not tuck in my shirt whilst wearing madras shorts; in fact I usually just don a white polo. The weather today should clear up well before lunch time, at which point I should be somewhere in downtown Laguna Beach, FT and G&T in hand, watching the tourists. If you happen to be in the area, do join me for a drink and we can discuss the important matters of the day. Suffice it to say, I do not have any client meetings today.


Richard said...


Beautiful shorts! Enjoy your day off.

suzannemarques said...

look at you so festive on a friday. it was a lovely day in the southland. i'll bet laguna was beautiful this afternoon.

i tied one on in LA, but i'm sending a toast your way. cheers!

Heavy Tweed Jacket said...

Excellent pairing. Looks like G&T time. Cheers.

Reggie said...

I have these same shorts, purchased at Press, on right now as I write this. My absolute faves. I've had versions of these for decades now, through times when no-one else was wearing them (hold up the standard, Reggie!) and now that I see patchwork mads everywhere.

Full gear:
Navy Lacoste
Press ribbon belt
Press shorts
Barrie white bucks, given to me by my brother as a 21st b-day present and still kickin' today!

longwing said...

Patch mad is growing on me. I may need some shorts soon. Tuck vs. untuck is a tough call sometimes. As you say, it's easiest to go untucked ... but not always.


Summer is here........love the shorts.

No, I don't go the OC that often so you have to keep me in the loop!:) If you see any CC's you must let me know...it might be worth a day trip....