29 January 2009

American Patriot

I like to imagine this angry young American is wearing a pair of black longwing brogues, perhaps from Alden, J.Press, or J.Crew. The specs and short-sleeve dress shirt, of course, I can do without, and so can you. However, it is what appears to be an Americanised version of the OE tie that would cause me to cross the street to avoid running into this irritated fellow. It's simply not on.


heavy tweed jacket said...

His metal watchband probably has one of those monthly calendars clamped on it, a la 1968. It's that haircut, though that reveals the true dementia.

anonymous english female said...

Lacking a male heir my grandfather (who was buried in his RMA Sandhurst tie) conveyed many of his generation's english male dress codes to his eldest grand-daughter. Striped ties denote membership, be it regiment, college, university, gentlemens' club, the Old School Tie etc and should only be worn by a member preferably in an appropriate setting (eg: social occasions, meetings, not while out hunting). This is a snobbery i've carried with me across the Atlantic and well into adult life; i have a horror of 'meaningless' striped ties.

Stacy said...

This movie was fantastic.