02 January 2009

Out With The Old Brogues, In With The New

I delivered an old pair of Loake brogues to a local cobbler two days ago. It was my first time inside this particular shop. I requested a re-soling. The Asian proprietor grabbed my brogues and examined them, turning them over and over in his hands. He called to his colleagues to have a look (or so I surmised). They gathered round, peering at the shoes, and congratulated me on having such a nice pair of shoes. It was an unexpected event.


anonymous english female said...

i know i shouldn't, in this day and age, suscribe to the old adgae you can judge a man's character by his shoes, but i do. all too often it is one of the first things i (discretely) peruse on meeting a man for the first time. Loake are very fine shoemakers, by Royal Appointment no less. Youor shoes , Admiral, are beautiful indeed.
Happy New Year!

andrew said...

I have a pair of vintage loakes that get me compliments far out of proportion to what I paid for them. They're super comfortable and look great.

I can understand why your cobblers reacted as they did.

- Andrew

Keep up the great posts.

Laguna Beach Trad said...

Happy New Year! Thanks for the kind comments.

Richard said...

Beautiful shoes ! Just beautiful.