27 January 2009

The Four Yorkshiremen

The Four Yorkshiremen, with Harry Enfield, Alan Rickman, Eddie Izzard, and Vic Reeves. I watch this video regularly and it never fails to crack me up. If you don't understand it, you can be forgiven. If you do and you still fail (or refuse) to emit at least a chuckle, then you are beyond saving. Classic. Enjoy.


Benedict said...

I first discovered this in prep school (in the English sense) - we would all affect Yorkshire accents and talk about how much worse prep, rugby practices and so on had been in our day.
Good work LBT.


anonymous english female said...

Benedict is right, this is an old joke and has been used by many british comics. I like this version with 4 wonderfully clever and talented men. This looks like improv?? The Two Ronnies also did a very funny version if i remember correctly.
Harry Enfield is a genius. I never saw his tv series as i wasn't living in the UK at the time but a friend sent me audio cassettes (ie: no visuals) that i played over and over until they got thoroughly mangled and was always reduced to tears of laughter. Great post, Admiral!

heavy tweed jacket said...

LBT, I'm speechless after that. Brilliant. Makes me grateful that I didn't have to get up at 3:00 AM out of the lake and eat a hand full of gravel. I need to thank me parents for that bit of luxury. Aye. Cheers, HTJ.

tintin said...

Cheers, big ears. I used to hear this at the rub a dub on POETS day. Nice to see Eddie without nail polish. Crackin' good fun, yea.

Aaron J. Kearney said...

Its from Monty Python. Classic self deprecating laconic humour.