06 April 2010

Sailing Rig

In this exclusive photo I offer you a selection of my current sailing kit. Yes, it looks worn. That is because it is. Unlike some columnists, I actually use on a regular basis the clothing that I discuss.

I started sailing in small boats when I was a young man in England, Connecticut, New York, and the Caribbean. My family once owned a 42' sailboat moored in La Paz, Baja, Mexico, on which we cruised up and down the coast. My sailing activities today, however, are limited to occasional forays in a Harbor 20 in local waters.

I never caught the sailing 'bug'; sailing for us was simply one activity out of many. I find people who are sailing enthusiasts, like any enthusiasts, rather dull. By all means go sailing--but don't get boring about it! After all there are other reasons to mess about in boats. Yacht clubs, as you know, are a great excuse to gather with like-minded people and drink and be happy, and for me that is purpose enough.

(1) Navy fleece zipper vest from Pacific Fleece company. Gift from iShares wholesaler. Also used for tennis matches on winter days. Despised by family and friends.

(2) Red shorts from J.Crew. Heavily faded from regular use. Rottweiler teeth puncture marks on thigh area below rear pocket. Repaired.

(3) Sperry Topsider boat shoes. Acquired early 2000s and worn around the world. Regularly washed in salt water. Used for sailing, local errands, and romantic walks along the beach.

(4) Surcingle belt with sailfish motif from Leather Man Ltd.. Acquired in 2003 to commemorate large sailfish caught off East Cape, Baja, Mexico.

(5) Lacoste polo shirt purchased in 2007 in El Salvador en route to Peru. Heavily faded. Also used for squash and tennis.

(6) White visor with Seychelles motif. Acquired in Seychelles in 2008. Also worn for tennis matches.


Anonymous said...

You seem old-school and traditional about so many things.

Just wondering about your personal preference for the vigorous activities like squash and tennis --is it a jock or a more modern Underarmour compression under the J.Crew reds? You may want to consider a cup when the rottweiler is around!

heavy tweed jacket said...

Top kit.

Lisa said...

I gotta hear more about this rottweiler bite to your tuchus.