28 April 2010

Young Fogey: Rory Knight Bruce in Fair Isle


Karena said...

Very nice look. Love Fairisle....

Art by Karena

Anonymous English Female said...

Needs a haircut. Do you think pullover was knitted by his grannie?

Lacroix said...

i think its hard to pull of a fair isle and not looking like your grannie made it

Barbora said...

I would like to introduce you to my fashion blog CHICHI:
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Thanks for taking a peek & hopefully following!

Rory Knight Bruce said...

Many thanks for finding that picture of me and the fair Isle. The top came from St Stephen's Street in Edinburgh and i have still got it. The photo was taken whilst i was editor of the Londoner's Diary on the London Evening standard.

I have just started a blog: roryknightbruce@blogspot.com