13 June 2011

Behind Closed Doors: The Tragic, Untold Story of the Duchess of Windsor (Hugo Vickers)


A.E.F. said...

Admiral, Take the eye-rolling 'Tragic' out of the title and this book might have some appeal (to me, at least).

Karena said...

Yes I wondered if you are indeed recommending it, if so it will go right on my list of summer reads!

Art by Karena

Lieutenant Pigeon said...

Dreadful woman, appalling fellow.

v. Braun. said...

Will look into it, me thinks!

Second picture: not untasteful!

Vernon said...

I plan to read this book but Vickers is a well known apologist for her; I shall be looking for old chestnuts, rumpy pumpy stories about von Ribbentrop, the death of Sir Harry Oakes, the Baltimore Clinch and various androgynous characteristics that he tries to gainsay.