22 June 2011

Pistols for Two - Breakfast for One

'English gentleman seeks easy life featuring exquisite tailoring and fine women.

Tiresome encumbrances such as political intrigue, murder or Mafiosi need not apply.

An episode in the life of Hugo Hammersley—formerly of HM diplomatic service—bon vivant, self-confessed genius and serial connoisseur of the fairer sex.

Through a series of chance encounters, Hammersley is shoehorned into investigating the murder of a notable British citizen in Italy and the disappearance of the priceless gold coin he carried.

Complications surface, however, when Hammersley finds himself recruited by a leading Mafioso to assist in his current enterprise: the reinstatement of the Italian monarchy.

Where the Mafia leads, beautiful women will always follow, and Hammersley finds himself in more than one compromising but familiar position—and not just because of the raging Mafia turf war.

Through a mixture of his usual allies – charm, cunning and damned good fortune – Hammersley is left standing (just about). Whether he makes it safely back home with the elusive gold coin in his pocket… well, that may be another story.'

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La Sombra Sofisticada said...

It seems great, another book to put on the list!