29 June 2011

French Nationalist Style

Marine Le Pen


Cyprian Korzeniowski said...

Marine Le Pen and her father both have excellent style. The Royalists in the Vendée of yesteryear and Louis XX today are both quite stylish as well. Reactionaries, traditionalists, royalists et al simply look better than the shabby lot of rootless globalists "leading" the world today.

Vernon said...

She knows how to handle the illegal aliens.

Osbert II said...

Virtually all American "leaders" are Globalists. They truly are a shabby lot. This is especially true of their shoes and ties.

Washington, DC is Rockport Hell.

I remember cringing when I read that Bill Clinton wore Jerry Garcia ties. Now, Clinton is an in-bred shitkicker; but, the "so-called" leader of the "so-called" free world should have more sophisticated taste.

If only we had a leader with the style of Agnelli.