01 August 2011

Peter Beard Style

Vogue (December 2006)


A Super Dilettante said...

Ah Peter Beard...one of my favourite style icons. He's preppy in a rugged sort of way. He reminds me of the late travel writer, Bruce Chatwin. Ever since I've seen a film about his work entitled Scrapbooks from Africa, narrated by the beautiful Charlotte Rampling.

Talking about the travel writer, I listened to BBC Radio 3 on Sunday, Private Passions programme with the writer, Patrick Leigh Fermor (the interview recorded back in 2005 before he died last month). I thought of you. It is available to listen it online on BBC Radio 3 Private Passion website.

Osbert II said...

Christ, those are incredible legs!I

DEK said...

Years ago I saw either a film or a magazine spread -- it was so long ago I don't remember which -- but I was enchanted with the scrapbook this person had made of his life. I had forgotten his name and am delighted now to have it so that I can find his wonderful book again.