03 February 2014

A Good-Looking Bastard

'He was an athletic-looking six foot, dressed in the sort of casually well-cut beige herringbone tweed that suggests Anderson & Sheppard. He wore a white silk shirt and a dark red polka-dot tie and the soft brown V-necked sweater looked like vicuña...a good-looking bastard who got all the women he wanted and probably lived on them--and lived well.

All he learned--from the clothes--was that the count was a much-travelled man--shirts from Charvet, ties from Tripler, Dior and Hardy Amies, shoes from Peal, and raw silk pyjamas from Hong Kong...a tough maquereau from the Ritz bar in Paris, the Palace at St Moritz, the Carlton at Cannes--good at backgammon, polo, water-skiing, but with the yellow streak of a man who lives on women.'

 - Bond on Count Lippe, in Ian Fleming's Thunderball (1961)


Per Varios Casus said...

Guy Doleman was good in the role. He was also good as Colonel Ross in the Harry Palmer (with Michael Caine) movies.

w. adam mandelbaum esq. said...

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