04 February 2014

Tattersall Tales

The exclusive photo (at port) depicts one of my Tattersall shirts in action. It is a fine number from W.H. Taylor. The Tattersall cloth is derived from the horse blankets used by Tattersall's horse market in London in the 18th century. I pair it with a Tweed jacket, denim or cord trousers, and brogues from Gaziano & Girling. However, I must report that I'm no longer able comfortably to fit into this shirt. Due to an intense weight-lifting regimen, my pecs, biceps, and shoulders have greatly increased in size. Also pictured is a Rolex Perpetual Datejust watch, a classic model first introduced by Rolex in 1945.

1 comment:

Podsnap said...

Is this whole thing a parody of Patrick Bateman, Fogey ?

The banking, the long aspergerish-like disquisitions on clothes, the lithe, clueless, upper class fucktoys, self-obsession, gym-mania etc.

How about music ? Are you a fan of Genesis and Huey Lewis ?

I must admit you had me going for a while.

If it isn't a parody then do yourself a favour and read 'American Psycho'. It will be like going through the fucking looking glass for you.