13 October 2014


Robert said...

The logo of Hackett, London...a MAN'S clothing store and more. (Most of what follows is borrowed from their website except for my opinions)
With a thriving small business in Portobello, Jeremy Hackett and Ashley Lloyd-Jennings make a big step up and open their first shop under the name “Hackett” at the wrong end (as their bank manager observed) of the New Kings Road in Parson’s Green, London in 1979.
Hackett, less than 20 years later, gained cult status aided by interest in “Young Fogeydom” and the “Sloane Ranger handbook” and now is known for "Le Style Anglais” Their slogan is ‘The Leading Man’.
Very POSH premises in all their stores and you can get anything from clothes for junior, wedding togs and a good barbering. They now have 70 stores around the world proving masculinity, quality and class are not quite dead yet despite the best efforts of the "politically correct" and the mass marketeers.

NCJack said...

I could fly that flag.