04 October 2014

Barbour's of South Shields

The classic. I regularly wore a Barbour, the definitive Bedale model in olive, starting in the mid-1980s. In late September 1992 I visited South Shields on a pilgrimage to the Barbour factory. It was dark and drizzling outside. I managed to pick up a couple of Barbour 'seconds' in the factory shop. These days I've no idea where these jackets are, which is of no consequence as there is scant need for such garments in the Southern California sun. Occasionally, reflecting on where I've been and where I'm going, I entertain the notion of moving back to England or Europe just so I can wear a Barbour jacket.


Robert said...

LBF…Barbour Jackets….outstanding!!! but I would expect nothing less from you a man who gravitates naturally to the finer things in life.
No doubt you got your footwear from John Lobb, your bespoke suits from Gieves & Hawkes, your rifles and shotguns from Purdeys, your toppers from Lock & Coy. and your “wells” from Hunter Balmoral.
Never settle for less than the best and carry on!

Anonymous said...

Barbour remains wonderfully unchanged. Unfortunately Burberry seems to have been taken over by flamboyant Cool Britannia homosexuals at some point, and even the wholesome burberry tartan has been ruined by the chavs.