29 October 2014

Fogey Tea Time


Anonymous said...

I love the color combination on the coat. Plaid is back big time---as if it ever really went away. However, the material is too heavy for the deep South. Last winter was so mild I seldom even wore a sweater and I do have some pretty sweaters. Oh well, perhaps this winter.

Robert said...

Fond memories!!!
Tea time was always a relaxing time at the Berchtesgaden specifically at the Mooslahnerkopf as the tea house was called.
Especially amusing was the frolicking of the dogs, Muckl, Prinz and Blondi watched over a cup of apple or caraway tea.
Ach!!! Das waren noch zeiten. (Those were the days)

Anonymous said...

i tried white tea after you mentioned in a past posting. twinings. nice and light. JRF