18 October 2014

White Mischief (1987)


Robert said...

Ahhh!!! Happy Valley and the scandal that rocked it.
Namely the events of the Happy Valley murder case in Kenya in 1941, when Sir Henry "Jock" Delves Broughton was tried for the murder of Josslyn Hay, Earl of Erroll who was "fooling around" with his way younger wife. Despite circumstantial evidence indicating Jock's guilt with no eyewitnesses he was found not guilty.
This movie released in 1987, in my opinion, is one of a slew of movies since that time that is anti-white (in this film the white colonialist are promiscuous, living large, rotten to the "natives/coloureds" and otherwise portrayed as degenerate while Britain is fighting for its life)
Haven't seen any movies about the now elevated native race was killing whites via mutilation in the Mau Mau rebellion just 15 years later. I must have also missed the film about how the Kenyan Army took 3 days to clear the Westfield Mall, Nairobi in 2013. Some reports say they took that long because they were looting the mall.
Look around you folks, in every aspect of your life and society throughout the world, there is risen a "Chosen People" and if you are "white" you are not one of them. They can do no wrong (even when they do) and a white can do no right (no matter what they do)
Enjoy the target on your back because we let it get hung there by the politically correct.

Jacobite said...

"Enjoy the target on your back because we let it get hung there by the politically correct"

Indeed. It requires the politically correct and and all around general BMF Trevor Eve to clear all this political confusion up for the petit bourgeois viewers of television.

I prefer the more direct and effective methods employed by the Welsh Borderers when it comes to dealing with the Negro race in in particular:


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more.
Lieutenants Gonville Bromhead and John Ross Merriot Chard (RE) my heroes since I first saw this film in 1964. I have seen it 119 times since then (I kid you not). I just about have it memorized line for line. Haven't seen it on TV for about the last 10 years... obviously not politically correct to show on TV and expose our kiddies to. Besides "de darkies" might take offence because they don't win and are not portrayed as supreme beings.
"Zulu Dawn", about the battle and massacre of the 23rd that led to the defence of Rorke's Drift was on TV just the other night.
OK for that to be on prime time TV because 1300 white soldiers and civilians were killed and the rest sent running by the colored folks.
What can one say?....
I know..."front rank, Fire, reload, second rank, Fire, reload, rear rank, Fire, reload"...repeat ad nauseum until our negroid friends retreat to cash their welfare checks and use their Medicaid to have their wounds tended to.

Jacobite said...

"I have seen it 119 times"

Good on ya'. I hate the pedants who nit-pick certain inaccuracies in the movie. To wit: the helmets should be beige not white, the 24th Regiment of Foot did not adopt the name South Welsh Borderers until a couple of years after the battle, Pvt. Hook was in actuality an exemplary soldier rather than the shirker who redeems himself, and the Zulus didn't sing any praises but simply melted away.

OTOH the re-enactment of the battle was extremely accurate and followed the timeline and strategic retreats to fallback positions within the compound accurately.

Both Chard and Bromhead died before their 50th year; Major Bromhead from tropical disease linked to his continued colonial service in India and Burma, and Queen Victoria's devoted favorite Colonel Chard of cancer. She sent a laurel wreath to his funeral in 1897.