30 December 2008

Reds Don't Surf !


Unknown said...

Nor do they smile according to Ayn Rand.

Ayn Rand before HUAC:

"Mr. [John] McDowell: You paint a very dismal picture of Russia. You made a great point about the number of children who were unhappy. Doesn't anybody smile in Russia any more?

Miss Rand: Well, if you ask me literally, pretty much no.

Mr. McDowell: They don't smile?

Miss Rand: Not quite that way; no. If they do, it is privately and accidentally. Certainly, it is not social. They don't smile in approval of their system.

Mr. McDowell: Well, all they do is talk about food.

Miss Rand: That is right."

M said...


I heard this phrase many times already - what does it mean? Reds dont surf? What is the background of that?