19 July 2010

Eton Fives at Aldenham


brohammas said...

the pic reminds me of the day I noticed the Racquet Club of Philadelphia and wandered in for a look around.
Is it sad to say I had absolutely no interest in a sport involving a racquet but coveted the in house barber and reading room.
I do preffer a locker room with leather chairs.

Main Line Sportsman said...

Bro...did you see them plaing raquets or Court Tennis? One of the most esoteric of games (medieval in origin) and played only in 2 or 3 places in the U.S...The Racquet Club being one. They also have excellent Snapper Soup... plenty od squash courts and a great bar...and they are hard up for members so now's the time.

brohammas said...

I like to think I would be worthy of membership no matter the thickness of the ranks; I know, I know, that wasn't meant to be an insinuation. Though it wouldnt have been far off as I know no one who is a member which apparently is the first prerequisite to membership.