05 July 2010

Headdress (Amazing Baby)

Amazing Baby - Headdress (uncensored) from Admiral Cod Video


Lisa said...

One of the coolest songs from last year. I miss Indie 103.1... they were the first to play them!

Belle de Ville said...

Great song, creepy video.

Anonymous said...

"Molly, I got mad at you, I did some things I wish I had been better/ I did to you what you did to me, but I did it so unexpectedly, I was angry/ Molly, I've got news for you, no one understands what we have but me and you/ And I dont care what your friends think, what my friends think, what your mom thinks; I'll be with you/ 'Cause we live and love like each other/ We get mad like each other/ We were made for each other/ But grew up differently..."