17 July 2010

Think of England (Martin Parr)

England has been a key subject of photographer Martin Parr's work since he started taking pictures. Think of England is a comic, opinionated, affectionately satirical, colour-saturated photo-essay about the identity of England. As Scotland and Wales consolidate their status as nations and Great Britain begins to unravel, this book of new work contributes to the debate about what it means to be English. Quintessentially English himself, Parr's great achievement as a photographer is his ability to transform the obvious into the surprising, reinventing clichés of Englishness as provocative revelations. His tour of obvious England takes in Ascot and the charity shop, seaside resorts, herbaceous borders, the bring-and-buy stall, cucumber sandwiches and cups of tea, baked beans and bad footwear.


Anonymous English Female said...

Admiral - To think of England is, in my opinion, probably the best way to experience the place these days.

Des Esseintes said...

Was not the full advice: Close your eyes and think of England...? In a rather particular context?