02 July 2010

vive le dandy !


Anonymous said...

I fear that champagne might go straight through him and ruin his suit.

Alan said...

LeDandy (of Northern California) is alive and kicking up here.

Anonymous said...

Given the coloring of our Dandy friend, is he going sockless or wearing yellow socks.
I'm hoping its all ankle bones.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, but dandy or fop? The late Sebastian Horsley, soi-disant dandy, was in fact a fop, poor fellow.


Anonymous said...

I like this. I visited my tobacconist last weekend for cigars and happened to notice their walking sticks on display. My inamorata chose one for me and insisted on buying it for me as a gift. Perhaps I shall take down the skull from a bookcase and carry it with me on a saunter.


Memento mori

Lutetia Dandy Club said...

Parisians like it !