17 July 2010

Old Champagne

'World's oldest champagne' found on Baltic seabed

BBC, 17 July 2010

Divers have found 30 bottles of champagne thought to pre-date the French Revolution on the Baltic seabed.

When they opened one, they found the wine - believed to have been made by Clicquot (now Veuve Clicquot) between 1782 and 1788 - was still in good condition.

The bottle - whose shape indicates it was produced in the 18th Century - has now been sent to France for analysis.

If confirmed, it would be the oldest drinkable champagne in the world.

Diver Christian Ekstrom was exploring a shipwreck on the Baltic seabed when he found the bottles.


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There was a book out about the widow Clicquot but I think it was only available, in the US, has anyone read it? I must look to see if it's out here yet.
Veuve is my go to champagne, apart from at Christmas time etc when it's Cristal, I find Dom Perignon too earthy.

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