01 December 2010

Barbour Liddesdale

Can you ever consider yourself truly well kitted out without a Barbour quilted jacket in your collection? I reply in the negative, with a friendly smile and sparkle in my ocean-blue eyes of course. The last several days here in the coastal foothills of Southern California have been remarkably cold. The other morning I noticed frost on the local lawn-bowling pitches. And I swear I saw the resident neighbourhood hawks shivering atop their lightpole perches. Even the local surf hotties have taken to wearing ski jackets and scarves, which I consider a genuine sign of distress requiring immediate emergency action. So in order to ward off the Yukon cold, and to replace my ragged old number, I recently ordered a new Barbour Liddesdale coat in the traditional olive colour I call Bavarian Green Circa 1918. It is smart, sleek, and slim-fitting and yet roomy enough to allow for thick OCBD or sweater. The unique Barbour Liddesdale shoulder and arm mechanism, I can report, is calibrated just so that one experiences minimal fabric stress while reaching for the next whisky and soda, or the latest copy of The Spectator imported from England.


Anonymous said...

What a great read over breakfast, you made me laugh twice which is no bad thing at 7.00am when facing another day of being snowed in.

Oh I was educated by Franciscans for my first 7 years. Alas it doesn't have the cachet of being educated by the Jesuits.

Reggie Darling said...

Reggie believes that one really can't have too many quilted Barbours. I count at least half a dozen of them in our closet at Darlington House, and another four in our city apartment. Best ever, and very versatile. I wear mine almost constantly: from over my suit to the office, out in fields and forests, and over my pajamas when taking the dog out for a quick morning constitutional.

A.E.F. said...

Admiral, thank you for bringing this beautifully designed habiliment to wider attention. Your reporting of the unique Barbour Liddesdale shoulder and arm mechanism brings to mind Frank Lloyd's Wright's assertion: 'Form follows function, joined in a spiritual union'. Well done.

Vernon said...

The best Barbour store I know is Royal Male in Newport RI. Saved $100 on a Border Barbour.

No tax on clothing in RI, free S&H, and $50 under the price every where else.

Hilton said...

There is a chance that I might receive one for Christmas.

I am surprised that this jacket is kosher for you as they are made in China.

I raise my glass (Baccarat crystal, rather) of Johnnie Walker Black & Perrier to your health, sir.

Unfortunate circumstances necessitate the drinking of second-rate Scotch from swanky barware this evening. It is tough being poor.