03 December 2010

Haslam on Cufflinks

"And I hate cufflinks. I think they're very ageing. And also, cufflinks were meant for when the cuffs of the shirt were stiff, and you couldn't do up the buttons; for evening wear. You should never wear cufflinks in the day time. It looks terrible."

Nicky Haslam, The Observer, Sunday 11 May 2008


A Super Dilettante said...

It's great that you quoted Nicky Haslam. He is my favourite interior designer! I laughed out loud a few weeks ago while I was reading his most amusing article in the FT Weekend called The Comfort Zone! He's incredibly witty and erudite...it goes without saying he has a great taste!

His article, The Comfort Zone is available in his website in case you're interested:


A Super Dilettante said...

Ps. This is his blog:


Anonymous said...

.....writes Nicky Haslam (age 104).

F E von S

Tabitha said...

I love Nicky Haslem and his work even though he thinks Scottish accents are common. I don't like cufflinks either but then I don't like jewellery on myself, I prefer simplicity.

Belle de Ville said...

I adore cufflinks and wear them all the time. They don't age me at all.
To hell with Haslam.

A.E.F. said...

'but a dandy can never be a vulgar man' - Charles Baudelaire.
Admiral, do you think Baudelaire wore cufflinks?

Anonymous said...

A.E.F. ~ Of course he did not and any information to the contrary is just propaganda from the cufflinks industry.


John Wesley said...

"propaganda from the cufflinks industry" ???
Apparently I missed that while out to lunch.

Anonymous said...

Nicky Haslam as an arbiter of male dress? This is too funny.

What's next -- Keith Richards on haircuts?

Topaz said...

One can be a talented designer and raconteur and still be absolutely wrong about cufflinks.

And anyone who saw Haslam with his hair dyed shoe polish black and matching leather pants only a few short years ago knows he's not infallible.

Anonymous said...

Cufflinks are common as muck.