22 December 2010

Cleverley Bespoke Brogues

The winter monsoons this year have hit Southern California with a vengeance. The downpour has lasted at least a week with no respite. A small river has formed outside the high walls of Schloss von AC. I swear I saw an otter swim by, but it could have been the effects of the wine and codeine. All the same, it is most tiresome. If conditions persist I shall have to send for a rescue-yacht laden with champagne and foie gras. And if you decide to stop by for tea or cocktails, please do ring ahead so I can send a specially-modified Thames launch to meet you. My point is, this is not the climate in which to wear my new pair of bespoke brogues from G.J. Cleverley (above). Note the adelaide half-brogue style, cabernet virgin calf's blood colour, and finely chiseled toe. It took almost nine months from measuring and fitting to delivery. It was well worth the wait. A fine work of art to be sure, but also a most practical item of footwear just begging to be paired with Tweed and quilted Barbour and taken on a test run round the local cocktail party circuit. Just as soon as the rains stop.


James said...

My friend remember the question God posed to Moses "How long can you tread water?"

Belle de Ville said...

My Dear, what you need is a pair of rubbers to wear over your new bespoke brogues. You will be the hit of the cocktail circuit.

I rather enjoyed the rain for the first couple of days but now I'm over it. Enough already. If I wanted this weather I'd move to Seattle.

Tabitha said...

Oh I have shoe envy.
The shoe fairies haven't visited me in ages.

Anonymous said...

Love the irony and your fabrication of parody is spot on.

A.E.F. said...

Admiral, May be the tempests raging in SoCal are serendipitous? They will allow you sufficient time to procure a good supply of virgin calf's blood to maintain the lustre on those magnificent specimens.

Ian from Downunder said...

Great shoes! Try & not spill any single malt on them.

I'd like to wish you and yours a healthy and contented festive season and all the very best for 2011 when I shall look forward to more of your wonderful photos and posts.

Ian from Downunder.
PS - As I write it's 26c and sunny in Melbourne. The forecast for Xmas day is 28c and sunny but rain is expected for the Boxing day test.