05 December 2010

Prussian Prototype

All manly peoples today have a bad name; the Prussians are the prototype. In the interregnum, however, it is not mothers but hermaphrodites who prevail.

Alle männlichen Völker sind heut in Verruf; die Preußen sind der Prototyp. Im Interregnum sind aber nicht die Mütter, sondern die Zwitter maßgebend.

Ernst Jünger, Ernst Jünger – Carl Schmitt: Briefe 1930-1983 (1999)


James said...

So insightful, but aren't you in fear of offending the hermaphrodites?

Energy Legs said...

These figures from an 18th century Prussian coat of arms were particularly manly: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/aa/Wappen_Deutsches_Reich_-_K%C3%B6nigreich_Preussen_%28Grosses%29.png