04 February 2011

British Empire Exhibition Flag (1924-1925)

The vintage Dominions flag (in photo at left) originates from the British Empire Exhibition, a colonial exhibition held at Wembley, Middlesex in 1924 and 1925. It was opened by King George V on St George's Day, 23 April 1924 and was the largest exhibition ever staged anywhere in the world, attracting 27 million visitors. Its official aim was "to stimulate trade, strengthen bonds that bind mother Country to her Sister States and Daughters, to bring into closer contact the one with each other, to enable all who owe allegiance to the British flag to meet on common ground and learn to know each other".

Unity is Strength


A.E.F. said...

Admiral, suggest you add tassels and turn it into a Dominion keffiyeh.

Keir said...

I have a fully-stitched and appliqued 2 yard version: http://imperialflags.blogspot.com