16 February 2011

Cleverley Black Brogues

Paul Stuart DB suit and Cleverley brogues with side-gusset and faux lacing
Note Cleverley chisel toe and thick trouser cuffs


Anonymous said...

Faux lacing? What male cuckoldry is this?

Anonymous said...


No doubt a nice shoe in shape and construction, but I am always confused by the elastic. At some point, it just reminds me of adjustable elastic waistband pants. I think the faux laces disguise this well, but beg the question, why not real laces?

Could you educate us? Is it a comfort thing?

A.E.F. said...

Admiral, a beautifully recondite design ideal for ffat arse kicking, I think.

Michael said...

Tabitha: Cuckoldry? Cheating on your laces? Foppery perhaps cuckoldry no.