23 February 2011

The New & Lingwood Story

In 1865 a Miss New and a Mr Lingwood founded the business which still bears their names, New & Lingwood. They subsequently married and laid the foundation on which the business still prides itself, unsurpassed quality of merchandise and truly personal service.

The company was formed in Eton to serve the scholars of Eton College, the most famous of English Public Schools, and soon gained official status as outfitters to the College, a great honour for the firm. For over 130 years New & Lingwood has served many thousands of Etonians, in many instances five or more generations of the same family, and this is a consequence of the high standards of quality and service that the firm has maintained. All details of size and fittings still go down on the records, and thousands of lasts are maintained for bespoke shoe customers.

In 1922 New & Lingwood opened a shop in Jermyn Street, and although these premises were destroyed in the blitz during the Second World War, we re-established our presence in the street shortly after the war, this time at number 53, on the corner of the Piccadilly Arcade. It is fair to say that today New & Lingwood is unique in London in being the most traditional of the small number of gentleman's outfitters supplying bespoke and ready-made shirts, hosiery and shoes of the highest quality.

In 1985 we opened a shop in the City at 155 Fenchurch Street, London EC3, to serve our many customers who find it more convenient to shop in the City than to visit The West End.

In the past few years New & Lingwood have acquired a number of companies with the aim of extending the range of goods offered by the firm, and of maintaining standards of excellence. In 1972 the old and famous shoe and boot making firm of Poulsen Skone joined the Company, extending the range of shoes we sold via J. Gane & Company, a firm we had already acquired; a few years later Haines & Bonner, probably the finest pyjama and nightshirt maker in the world joined us and, most recently, one of the longest established and most respected English bespoke shirtmakers, Bowring Arundel & Co., trading in Savile Row, joined the Company. In 1985 New & Lingwood acquired the prestigious cavalry and riding boot manufacturer, Pollards, established in 1885.

New & Lingwood is of international reputation, serving customers all over the world. The traditions that the firm stands for are particularly appreciated in the United States of America. The American menswear writer, Alan Flusser, says of New & Lingwood:

New & Lingwood is one of London's great traditional men's furnishing shops. This is the only shop in the world where salesman dress in shirts with separate white stiff collars.

Twice a year our representatives travel to the USA visiting customers by appointment and to Germany to visit British Army Officers since we are shirtmakers and bootmakers to a number of famous regiments.

The New & Lingwood shops are well supported by our workrooms where we make our own bespoke and ready made shirts, the finest quality piped pyjamas, and bespoke shoes and boots. These various elements together make what New & Lingwood is today, the most traditional of the English quality gentleman's outfitters, upholding long standing traditions and renowned quality standards.


Vernon said...

15 or so years ago, I spotted a necktie in their window while walking through the arcade. It was an Eton boater tie, similar to the one shown on their website. I bought it, after the salesman convinced me one need have no connection to Eton. After all, it was for sale to the public. Later, I was disabused.

Last night, after reading this post, I dug it from my closet. I believe I shall wear it in my declining years regardless of the consequences.

Vern Trotter
New York

Андрей said...

Thanks for posting this.

What a list of old companies they bought!... and, unfortunately, failed to withstand.

"The New & Lingwood shops are well supported by our workrooms where we make our own bespoke and ready made shirts, the finest quality piped pyjamas, and bespoke shoes and boots."

A far cry from how things are today!