13 January 2012

Invasion of the Euro Sloane

I admit it. I feel for the English. Their country has been deconstructed and destroyed. Their nation, re-defined. English culture has been fatally infected by Americanisation. The political system is infested with Judeo-Scottish bolsheviks. The upper classes are being replaced by European and Middle Eastern wealth. The English working class is being ethnically cleansed by imported Africans, Asians, and assorted third world scum. And now news from my old stomping grounds in London suggest the Sloane Ranger has been displaced by the Euro Sloane. WTF?! Where will it end? The time for a Nationalist liberation movement is now. This is an excerpt from the London Evening Standard:

The Chelsea Sloane is severely under threat. The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea was once the almost exclusive habitat of the urban British upper classes, but now the Alice-band, pashmina and pump brigade is facing extinction, and its place is being taken by a far more cosmopolitan crowd.

The Euro-Sloane has invaded SW3 - sweeping up from Cheyne Walk and on to Knightsbridge, modernising the restaurant menus, sanitising the bathrooms and occupying the flats where the Spencers and Lord Sebastian Flytes used to live.

Brideshead accents, meanwhile, have been elbowed out along the Fulham Road, confusing the new Italian, French and German incumbents who came to Chelsea hoping to practise their English.

Aleksander Borev, a Bulgarian doctor, has lived in SW3 for the past four years. "Kensington and Chelsea is about money," he says, "and money these days is fluid, so the people who are here are the people who are everywhere. Europeans, mostly."

But Peter York, author of The Sloane Ranger's Handbook [sic], and a keen anthropologist of the posh, compares the displacement of the upper classes to that of an indigenous people, forced off their land by loggers.

"The whole area is just utterly, utterly changed," he says. "The predominance of the City - the need to be more professional - has ruined Chelsea life. It has become much younger and smarter, and faster-paced."



Simon said...

It will only end in war. Will the English have the balls to make the first move?

The Ancient said...

I don't know whether it falls under "infection" or "ethnic cleansing," but I liked this bit best:

The influx of foreign buyers has even brought with it a change in interior design. Chelsea apartments have been stripped of their carpets - and the British bathroom is particularly under threat.

"It all started with an American who walked into a Chelsea bathroom and said 'I wouldn't wash my car in this'," says Elston.

NJS said...

Ye Olde England is long gone! The only way to cling on to a little slice is to take one's memories abroad.

Grausig Grantiger Gemahl said...

Time will solve those problems, there's a new formation of people forming a similar unit as the sloane ranger was.
It's drastic to see how subcultures emerge and destroy, by copying, our beloved cultural circles, but as good as the sloanes have been from our point of view today, no group or class formation lasts forever. Some are really worth the tears, but some just had to go. Its like a family, sometimes the patriarch dies (or a generation) and the family first forgets their heritage but then rediscoveres it even more strongly. Hopefully our beloved sloanes and wasps will come back and be a honest group, so not everybody is a part of it by just wearing the stuff.

Bovril Marmite said...

I certainly understand your feelings about Britain, but hasn't the U.S. also been overrun by Third World scum?

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

BM ~ Quite. Just like England. And France. And Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and Sweden. And even Russia. Plus Canada. In fact the entire Western world is over-run with imported non-White colonist-populations. Notice a pattern? Asia for Asians. Africa for Africans. White countries for everybody.

King Lear said...

Intersting blog LBF. As a resident of London, England I can concur that the place is not what it was...

How much longer the indigenous population will accept this is a question I have often considered. I had hoped that the Third World style carnage last year would have shaken most from their deep sleep but alas, it appears not.

Anonymous said...

My brand new car (bought it Friday) was destroyed today by a Mexican invader. They got off free.

The police are not on our side.

Anonymous said...

My daughter lived on Godfrey St. was one of the Americans that have changed the area (I suppose).
However, I was very impressed by the education given by the school (private) that my grandchildren received.
They were not only taught the basics, but were also taught manners.
They are back in the states now, and they are much ahead of the students in their grade level.
This is a problem for my grandson because he is not being challenged as he was in London.
I love them being here, but am dissapointed with our educational system: make everyone equal.
They are not.
I played professional baseball, and discovered that there were players better than me.
Governnent cannot "level the playing field".
Try hitting a major league curve ball.