11 January 2012

Kent & Curwen Cricket

How curious that an item of mere clothing should provoke such memories! In my youth I endeavoured to enjoy the game of cricket, at the behest of some enthusiast friends, but I found it boring and not at all as fun as chasing fillies and drinking pints of bitter. That is not to say watching a random match on the university fields behind our college housing or at Holland Park on a summer afternoon was not a relaxing experience. It was. But, it was simply not dangerous enough. I preferred rugby. Plus, my mind was elsewhere. I did appreciate the uniform, though, and had two or three cricket jumpers in my wardrobe at the time: a cotton number from Blazer and the real deal from Kent & Curwen and (I think) Slazenger. I usually paired it with a Tweed jacket, denim trousers, and Gucci loafers or brogues.

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Grausig Grantiger Gemahl said...

Sounds like a hella-nice childhood. The perfecf cliché everybody tries to express by buying BrooksBros et al but only a few had.