16 January 2012

Old England Paris


Anonymous said...

Sadly closing in February. Goldberg made a hash of it by stocking Italian luxury brands and his own Albert Arts label, which no-one in Paris ever bought.

Private sales and now the January Soldes over the past few weeks have seen a melancholy procession of France's Anglophile aristocrats rummaging through what remains of OE's cashmere jumpers.

Yesterday the shop was closed due to fire damage: A small fire conveniently broke out over the weekend, not damaging the building but presumably making what remains of the stock unsaleable. A notice claims that it will reopen again but I think that's the end of Old England.

Its lease was bought by Richemont, which plans the world's largest luxury watch boutique, aimed at Chinese tourists, on the site.


Anonymous said...

Anyone know if there will be a closing down sale?? :D