21 January 2011

City Chalk Stripes

© Savvy Row


Anonymous said...


A question -- would you, could you, wear a flannel chalk stripe to an evening event? I would think not given the stripes, but perhaps anything goes these days.

What say you?

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Anon ~ Thank you for your query. Chalk stripe flannel is appropriate for office wear. However, because my days are usually fully-booked, I sometimes find myself going straight from the office to the club, to cocktail reception, and finally to lady's bedroom--with scarcely any chance along the way to change out of my chalk stripe kit. Such occurrences are the exception, not the rule.

robert webber said...

Chalk stripes-first city suit I ever had!
Chalk stripes are day only, though of course there will be timing/busyness exceptions.
And these your friends will recognise because they know you always know what is really done.
As for those who don't know you, your general bearing and demeanour will carry it off.