20 January 2011

Polo Mint Originals

Ziggy may have played for time, but did he play for Polo mints? Somehow I doubt it. I, on the other hand, would whore myself out like a drillbit pimp for a pawful of Polo mints. So it's a good thing then that I have discovered a consistent supply from a local source close to my thawed-out heart. On the spectrum of savoury and sweet, I stand firmly in the territory of the former in my sleek Stubbs & Wootton house shoes. Most people have a sweet tooth; I have a salty finger. Sweets for the most part simply do not interest me. And candy bores me--unless of course we're talking about arm candy with a soft centre oozing hot love. For Polo mints I do make exception. And while it is true I am, as they say, already sweet enough (if it can be believed), occasional excess can not be ruled out. When it's time for me to keep my rendezvous with Tweed, I imagine there will be a roll of Polo mints at the end of it.


A.E.F. said...

Admiral, my Grannie used to tell me the mint with the hole has a kiss in the middle, as she tucked rolls of Polo mints into my pockets and rode off in the Mercedes and trap.

Tabitha said...

Polo mints always remind me of my schooldays, almost all of the boys kept them in their blazer pocket, I think to mask the reek of cigarette smoke from mater, pater and teacher.

Bruce said...

Horses love 'em as well