13 January 2011

Duke of Windsor in Crombie


Tabitha said...

Both my father and uncle were very much of his physical type. I always feel such a familiarity when I see his photographs.

Vernon said...

I wonder if he had reaped the benefits of the Baltimore Clinch, Wallis' speciality, that day?

Vern Trotter

Anonymous said...

I've been under the impression her "skills" were oral in nature. The Charm City can be fickle.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Tabitha ~ He appears to have been quite tiny. Almost like a puppet. I don't know why short people still exist. Have we not evolved?! Good grief.

Vernon ~ Is the Baltimore Clinch a cocktail, or a manner of speaking like Locust Valley Lockjaw? I am unclear on this point.

Anon ~ Yes, it is my understanding too that she was quite a conversationalist