18 October 2011


The photographic image (at left) depicts one of five (5) new Corneliani suits in my collection. This one is a navy pinstriped number with three buttons and twin vents. I don't usually do Italian (clothing, that is) but I decided to give Corneliani a try due to the high quality light-weight cloth, as well as the fact Corneliani produce one of the Polo lines of suits. It's a slimmer, more form-fitting style and as such fits better than my Brooks Brothers and Southwick suits. I was concerned this would not be the case, on account of my broad chest, but the effect is very pleasing.


Anonymous said...

Giggling away at the innuendo, it's lovely, I wish you health to wear it young chap.

Grausig Grantiger Gemahl said...

So you do not do Italian ("clothing it is").
Hilarious! The suit looks good, cannot wait to see the other four (4)!;-)
But what about the pocket stitching?
PS: I may need your advice: What do you think about a) Russel and Bromley Shoes (maybe made by C&J?) and about b) Loro Piana Cloth?
Thanks in advance!