16 October 2011

A Spiritual War


Thirty Miles At Sea said...

Palahniuk is disappointing. His "solution" to the alienation of modernity is to fantasize about nihilistic violence and a return to the idealized state of nature invented by Enlightenment philosophers to help undermine European civilization. I was inspired to watch the Mishima movie the other day, and as odd as was he is much more worthy of respect. I'll take up the martial arts of a mature culture like Japan before I join a bunch of bored bros in a fight club.

Cyprian Korzeniowski said...

Thirty Miles At Sea ~ It's been some time since I read Fight Club, but I never took the solution Tyler Durden posits to necessarily to be Palahniuk's own. Or that the state of nature would be Rousseau's silly fantasy. I do not think nihilism and violence for violence's sake are the solution to the problems of modernity, but they problems that the materialist, feminized society we live in occasions.

Thirty Miles At Sea said...


You are certainly correct that Fight Club doesn't represent Palahniuk's own views. I don't think he himself has any coherent set of values. His novel is just a fantasy of subversive violence, much like a Tarantino movie. That's my argument, anyway. His satires of modern consumerism can certainly be fun to read.

Ian Dundrillon said...
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ray said...

the demolition ending Fight Club closely mirrored the WTC destruction shortly afterwards

watching the special features commentaries on the F.C. dvd, got a kick outta how the film-makers truly believed the film would start a great cultural F.C.-modeled revolution


"Durden" finally tells Dumbfuck the truth, that "maybe another woman isn't the solution to the problem" and what do the film-makers do? provide another woman as the "solution" to Jack's problems

gee... just cant understand why Doing the Same Thing produces The Same Result :O)

a fine film, but the film-makers didnt provide (b/c they actually didnt know) a solution to Jack's problem, the problem of destroyed masculinity in the west

therefore their expected Cultural Revoltion never got off the screen and into real life . . . except in the way they didnt expect, by literal destruction of the Two Towers