02 November 2013

A friend just remarked to me that when I drink, the scar on the side of my face turns red.

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The Ancient said...

Oh, Fogey, not to worry. All that fades with time.

I've had dozens of stitches on my face -- no scars! -- hundreds on my legs -- no scars -- still more here and there (arms and back) -- no scars!

It's just part of growing up.

Anonymous said...

reminds me of Harry Potter

Anonymous said...

Oh... upon cursory reading I presumed you meant a Heidelberg scar. Good for you for "owning it."


Anonymous said...

I have a Mensur Schmiss on my left cheek. It turns white on cold mornings. Goes with the territory.


Anonymous said...

My diagnosis is Frey's syndrome: gustatory sweating after parotid gland surgery. Just a guess, but I suspect that there is more parotid surgery than saber dueling these days.

Anonymous said...

"An angry thug in tailored suits and bespoke London-made shoes, I reply."


LBF, there is a good nickname waiting for creation here. Perhaps a blend of the Red Baron and the Mad Baron.