20 November 2013

Direct Action

“We are entering a time when acts must follow words.”

Dominique Venner (1935-2013)


Jonathan said...

A great man, indeed.

Vernon said...

He gave very sound counsel. We could use some and it might help offset the vulgarity of American culture.

I somewhat admire the way he chose to exit this world.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping the flame alive.
As a French, I would be curious to know how your media dealt with Venner's suicide (if they dealt with it in any manner). For, as you may guess, the French crooked goody-two-shoes media alluded to this by words like "the last extreme act of an heinous far-right ideologue", presenting him as a dangerous deviant, although he was a talented writer, a well cultured man and a patriot warrior (but they omitted to recall all these virtues).
In my humble opinion, Venner was one of the finest "Alpha males", as you would say, my dear LBFogey, because he was one of the last complete man of his era: he mastered both the quill and the sword, he was "manly" in the Evolian sense of the term. Sad but true, very few of us French can call themselves men, compared to him (by the way, the things you said in a previous post about the immaturity of the Americans can be applied to the decadent French too) .
As a French, I think my country should honour him publicly; but, though it is rather the contrary which is happening
(thanks to the ideology of leftist eunuchs permeating everything here), I am glad to see men overseas who share the same Weltanschauung.

Salutations nationalistes!


GSL said...
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