05 November 2013

A Scientific Treatise on the Impact of Implicit Cultural Theories on Dispositional Attribution as a Function of Yoga Pants


w. adam mandelbaum esq. said...

she's got some body for samahdi!
the pants for a trance!
OM my God! Shwingam goes the Lingam!

? said...

I have found that gals like this in yoga pants are not representative of the overall population of yoga pant wearers. The typical wearer is a mother in her 40s or a single girl in her 20s who use the pants like a girdle to constrain and shape her fat ass.

By the way, you might appreciate girlsinyogapants.com

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

? ~ How true. For some women, yoga pants function as sausage casing for overflowing she-flesh. I plan to expand on this soon.

I've seen that site. You might like this one [just ignore the bodybuilder types]:


GSL said...

WAM, you need to upload that on youtube. LBF, will anxiously await sausage casing treatise.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know her name?