11 November 2013

Gym Approach

I like Blonde and Totenkopf banner. 
This is how my Nationalist gym will look -- minus scrawniness.
I go to the gym to work out and lift. That's it. No surprises there. But I see way too many people standing around in the gym socializing with one another as if they were at a fucking cocktail reception.

And I observe far too many beta males trying to make small talk with the hotties. They rarely succeed. The gym, as you know, is the last place to pick up women. This is my position and has been for years.

However, a few weeks ago my conviction was put to the test.

As you know, I've been spending a lot of time in the gym recently. I work late, but manage to get in a session after hours.

I'm consistently one of the taller, bigger chaps there and invariably I'm surrounded by smaller guys lifting hard, huffing and puffing, doing their utmost to look bigger. Best of luck to them.

I don't claim to be a bodybuilder, but I'm big enough that I catch other guys checking out my routine. Creepy, to say the least. One of my chums, a competitive bodybuilder, has told me stories of guys following him around the gym as he completes his sets. WTF?!

Sometimes there are one or two women in the weight room, usually young blonde cuties or Asian girls already in fantastic shape. And then there's the token 57-year old blonde cougar with manjaw who seemingly can't keep her eyes off me. I don't want to go there.

The female I'm referring to was early thirtysomething, slim, and brunette. I was finishing a set of bicep curls. She walked in my direction and then stopped a few feet away, looking down at her iPod as if adjusting it. After a brief moment she looked up and took a step towards me. She gestured towards my chest and started talking. All I saw were her lips moving. I couldn't hear a thing she was saying because I was listening to Motörhead at maximum volume.

I admit, I was a little annoyed as I took out my earpieces. Now don't get me wrong. I'm no stranger to women approaching me. There was a time several years ago, before I married my first (hot) ex-wife, when all I had to do was walk into a bar or restaurant and some girl was all over me. And it still happens today.

This girl was pointing towards my chest and asking me about surfing, apparently using my surf t-shirt as a prop. As Girl Game goes, I thought, it was rather transparent. But I smiled, we chatted, and we agreed to meet outside afterwards.

The best thing about this encounter was that I could see the other guys in the room watching it unfold. In the beta crowd was a dark little guy with a vaguely Middle Eastern look wearing a "Penn" t-shirt.

As if we're supposed to be impressed by that shit.

Let me tell you, it's a glorious feeling indeed to be approached by a hot chick in front of a crowd of clueless beta males looking on. I could practically feel their jealous anger.


Anonymous said...

Excellent post. Glad you've been writing more often.

What is a Penn shirt, anyways?

GSL said...
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Anonymous said...

Holy shit this post is gold.

I have to ask LBF. Why are there women in the gym? Rarely are they there for anything constructive. And by constructive I mean simply there to bang out some aggression with them.

Ever see the guys buy a Harvard shirt to act is if they went there? Fucking joggers...

Anonymous said...

How tall are you/how much do you weigh? Body fat %?

Do you attribute women approaching you more to your looks, height and size or to a general vibe you give off of status and superiority? That is, if you were put in a shorter, smaller man's body, could you effectively clean up just as well?

? said...

There are tons of women at my gym. All MILFs or private school co-eds, both kept I peak condition with their husband's/daddy's money.

I don't look down on that, I celebrate it.

Cameron said...

Women go to the gym because it gives them an excuse to wear lycra.

Anonymous said...

Ordnungssinn, Cameron is correct going out in lycra is the socially acceptable way of going out in pj's, that's why we do it and of course one or two of you do appreciate a toned arm as it soothes your brow and fetches your G & T of an evening.

jubal early said...

It is a nice feeling indeed to have women swarm you. In fact, most of my friends are friends with me, I suspect, only because of this. Last weekend my rather mindless chum and I visited a bar and I had this happen. It really is so easy. I just go up to the bar, order a drink, stand there, and make small talk with my friend. In no small time women swarm me and begin talking to me. Some women say they could that I am so cute they could eat me up, others say I look like I am a great cuddler, and yet others come up to me with their friends and tell each other how hot I am (i.e. "God, isn't he hot??" and then the other one nods agreeably). (I am not making any of this up.) And I don't lift weights or bodybuild like LFB. I am all natural and succeed on my looks alone.

I would point out, however, that this inordinate attention I receive from women has its drawbacks. For one thing, I become tired and bored of women rather easily, which makes sustained relationships nearly impossible. This is because I cannot go two nights without having a different girl approach me and ask to exchange numbers. In fact, I think most people fall into relationships because it provides a sense of comfort, and not because they are truly in love with the other person.

Just to give one example: I have been dating this girl for about two weeks now. It is developing like all my relationships do -- we meet up around 8 o clock, go some place trendy to have a couple of drinks, and then come back to my place and have sex. That is all there is to our relationship. But just the other night, the one I just described above, I had two different girls get my number and text me. They are texting me even now as I type this. As this is happening I am losing interest in the first girl I have been dating and no longer wish to see her. I would rather have these two new girls.

LFB, can you relate?

w. adam mandelbaum esq. said...

I have found that the best way to have women chasing me, is to steal their purses. Works every time.