21 November 2013

Ladies Before Gentlemen

Note: that typo annoys the hell out of me, too


Anonymous said...

Last night when I was chatting up a Russian cutie and explaining America to her, and how women want to be men, she blurted out "I'm not a feminist!"

w. adam mandelbaum esq. said...

If more women would sit down and shut up, more gentlemen could engage in serious conversation. If more women would sit down on gentlemen who have a member standing up, then more ladies would be satisfied with sitting down. Remember what Sigmund said, "If it weren't for sex, men and women would have killed each other ten thousand years ago."

DJ Heinrich said...

Liebe Gemeinde,

if more graphic designers were able to construct correct conditional clauses, more blog readers would be ready to adopt their views.

Herzliche Grüße!