04 November 2013

As you know, I have an extremely violent temper.

I recall it from my earliest days as a little boy and adolescent, when it was mostly invective.

But as I grew taller and fitter it was perceived as physical threat, which looking back it probably was. As a bigger chap with greater verbal dexterity, over the years, as you can imagine, I've landed myself into some trouble with the authorities because of it.

I prefer force and violence over polite debate. Violence, after all, works.

Why am I telling you this? In the last few months I've noticed a marked increase in the strength of my anger. Very fast, very hard. It's surprised even me.

But I note, with some amusement, that the violent reactions have almost perfectly coincided with my increased protein intake and weight-lifting regimen. The anger has grown in intensity just as my physique has grown in size.

My tolerance level is at zero.


Cameron said...

I know what you mean. I put my anger down being marginalised by the cultural-marxist regime. God willing this shit will blow soon as I'm fast losing patience with traitors, invaders and those who believe in a political solution.

w. adam mandelbaum esq. said...

Fueled by the combination of increased experience with humanity and testosterone enhancement via exercise and diet. Just remember LBF, that law enforcement has more guns and guys than you do, so don't hurt anybody in front of witnesses.

Anonymous said...

Right there with you.

It's amazing how weak the police are when you tell them you don't believe in their authority.

They back off. Affirmative action losers, fat guys and ugly lesbians...so scary.

Vernon said...

Speaking for myself, I noticed some of the same emotions. After over 50 years of excessive alcohol intake, I decided to quit over four years ago.

It is still a struggle, but most of those feelings are gone, thanks to regular AA meetings. Still, the farther you get from your last drink the nearer you may be to the next.

So twice a week I attend meetings with all sorts of people just like me. I take it one day at a time.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Cam ~ Good to hear from you. It's too late for a political solution, but too early for something else. You and I both know where this is headed. Train and prepare.

WAM ~ Thanks for the advice. Increased T, I think that's what's going on. At least I can laugh at it.

O ~ Thanks for your comment, ol' chum. I'm just not impressed with these guys. Still, I think we should launch outreach efforts. We'll need some of them at least on our side.

V ~ Thanks for your comment. I've cut my cocktail intake considerably, but I'm still deep in the struggle. Progress not perfection... The emotions I've referred to stem, I think, from increased T due to strict diet and weight-lifting. I'd be in even better shape were it not for the cocktails.

Anonymous said...

My girls learned a little ryhme from a cartoon and every once in a while when I get upset over the many messes they make they'll say "When you feel so mad that you want to roar, take a deep breath and count to 4." --- or 8 or 16 Then I tell them to clean up while I'm counting!!!

Michael said...

I quit twenty years ago in my late 40s. Wasted a lot of time drinking. Easy enough to quit, just don't get drunk again until tomorrow. Never today. Go to a few meeting if it makes you feel better. A monkey can get addicted to alcohol because he drinks too much of it, not because he didn't get good bananas when he was a little chimp.

I run three miles daily. Weights daily. Heavy bag once a week. Speed bag every other day. Rope work. Transaction volume up. All good. Always ready for a fight.

New hope for the dead, dude.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

M ~ Thanks for your comment. So you're one of those older fit dudes I see in OC restaurant bars picking up young hotties? Good for you! I can relate with the drinking issue. I haven't quit yet. I drink because I'm bored and want to relieve stress after work. I've no other excuse. But I realise I need to quit at some point.