20 November 2013

"Get the **** out of my way!!!"
When one is motoring behind a slow-moving Lamborghini, Ferrari, or Maserati, one invariably discovers that the driver turns out to be an older female. WTF? It brings into question whether these individuals, like old people in general, should even be granted motor car driving licences to begin with. Most irritating.


Anonymous said...

I always thought elite car manufacturing companies should conduct interviews for people wanting one of their products.

Now it really doesn't matter for a Kia or a Chevy. I am not even sure what they produce is in the same species category of what Herr Benz began in '86.

The old hags in the convertible 3 series BMWs are even worse. They think it is a Maserati! The small dog and Saks Fifth bags are permanent accessories.

I like the old Mercedes at least anything prior to the 1980s. You knew you were in a Nazi machine then.

Though the new Audi is fun on my back woods roads...

YBH said...

Thanks for agreeing with my own ageist views on older drivers!

Anonymous said...

I drive fast. One of my police friends said he saw me speeding down a street. He recognized my car. Innocently smiling, I sweetly asked him--why didn't you stop me?! He said he couldn't catch me. Oh well. One day I passed a porsche. As I passed it, I thought what a waste of a great car. The driver must have read my mind. Within three seconds, I was in his rearview mirror. Good for him.